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Enjoy soul, pop, gospel and other great live music performed by So Good For The Soul: typically featuring Bryan Duncan and other great singers with a fantastic band. Click the dates below to find information and tickets for that event. You can expect the same great quality every month with different songs at each concert.

  • Saturday, June 18 in Rancho Cucamonga, CA
  • Saturday, October 29 in Dash Point, WA (watch for more info)
  • Saturday, December 17 in Dash Point, WA (watch for more info)
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    Bryan Duncan has released 16 solo albums, seven albums with Sweet Comfort Band and three more with the NehoSoul Band, selling in excess of 1.2 million records. His latest album is The Live Experience. Each So Good For The Soul concert includes different songs from Duncan's albums along with classic pop, soul and other great music.


    Get the new album: The Live Experience.

    Call Christopher Redner at 253-874-8400, or send him a message, if you want to set up a concert with So Good For The Soul or Bryan Duncan, want a press kit or need songs to play on air. Check out Bryan Duncan's I See You Tour and the Joy to the World Christmas Celebration.

    You can listen to Conversations and Bryan Duncan's comments about the songs using the player page or at the mobile player page. You'll get the best deal on Bryan's music directly from him.

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