Bryan Duncan's fantastic new album Conversations is receving rave reviews. Duncan is giving his fans a chance to listen to it free and get the album with more songs and extras.

Duncan's body of work includes six albums with Sweet Comfort Band, three with the NehoSoul Band and 13 solo albums prior to Conversations. He was inducted into the Christian Music Hall of Fame along with Amy Grant and Al Green. He has received four Dove Awards and one Grammy Award.

Duncan's Indiegogo campaign offers unique perks an opportunity to talk with the artist. There are also rewards for churches and charities that want to partner with Duncan to expand their outreach.

Christopher Redner, CEO of Children in Need and an award-winning producer and journalist, is serving as a communications strategist for the Conversations project and its efforts to support charities and churches. "I'm pleased to be helping Bryan and his audience increase the impact of some wonderful nonprofits," says Redner. "I believe there are some great people who are looking for ways to do something meaningful with their time and talents. The Conversations project will help them do that."

Redner created a Facebook group, which you can join, to help you learn how to increase your social media impact. He'll be sharing examples of how to be more effective on the social media campaign for Conversations.