This Music Moves Me

Do you love television shows, like The Voice or American Idol, about discovering and launching great new artists? Would you like to help amazing artists take big steps toward their musical goals?

When you back a This Music Moves Me campaign in any of the musical styles below you'll get the best songs from all the artists involved and you can experience and influence how those songs are selected and produced. You're also investing in artists, impacting their careers and helping them make more music you'll love. If you're already a fan of an independent artist you'd like to help through This Music Moves Me, contact Christopher Redner or call 253-874-8400.

Are you a singer or band hoping to use your gifts to reach a larger audience? This Music Moves Me gives you many important benefits of working with a record company without the notorious downsides. You'll get to work with talented professionals (songwriters, producers, engineers, etc.) and collaborate with other great artists. You'll record a single that will be included on a well-promoted album so your music gets heard and you can move closer to your goals.

There are This Music Moves Me projects in a variety of musical styles/genres. Contact Christopher Redner, subsribe to the newsletter below or call 253-874-8400 to find out how you can earn a spot on an album and participate in a This Music Moves Me project. Read the press release for This Music Moves Me here.

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Christopher Redner is introducing Blues Day Tuesday and Soul On Saturday.