Getting My Music Directly From Me Is Better!

You can order my albums directly from me online. You can also order by mail... the details are in my newsletter, which you can get for free here.

Why should you get Conversations directly from me?

  • You're getting a special edition of Conversations. The downloadable version being released to stores will not be identical to this special edition. You'll also get many bonus songs and versions.
  • You'll get more and better. Your special edition album will come with more and your download will be better quality than you can get through any of the digital stores (iTunes, Amazon, etc.). If you're getting a physical CD, it will be autographed and you'll get all the digital bonuses too. You're helping me promote my music and I'll be showing my appreciation by ensuring that you get more and better.
  • You'll be part of the inner circle. You'll receive behind the scenes reports, invitations to special concerts. etc.
  • You'll be helping me a LOT. Sure, you can buy a version of the ablum in many stores. But here you're actually helping me and getting more. Your support has a huge impact on how well I can promote this album. So, you can help an online store be more profitable or you can help me get this music to more people.

You can get a shorter version of my Conversations album at CD Baby store, on iTunes or at my ReverbNation store.

Christopher Redner created a Facebook group, which you can join, to help you learn how to increase your social media impact. He'll be sharing examples of how to be more effective on the social media campaign for Conversations.

If you work for a media outlet, a radio station, a concert hall or church call Christopher at 253-874-8400 to set up a concert, get a press kit or get songs to play on air.

I look forward to connecting with you and hearing what you think about these songs on social media like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, ReverbNation, Stageit and my website.

You can join this Facebook event if you'd like me to share key milestones for this album/video. Here's how you can increase the odds that I'll be coming to your town and ensure you know about it when I do.

Read my thanks to the people who made Conversations possible.

You can get my newsletter here:

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